Street fashion style unisex in 2021

Even though she is a fashionista who catches up with the trends of each season, sometimes she still falls into a situation where she does not know what to suit the environment, weather, or mood. Especially the office girls will encounter this situation the most. Understanding this, MARC will simplify the selection of clothes for her by choosing the 10 most typical female office fashion sets to introduce. This will optimize the time to choose and coordinate for the girls, and at the same time give her great suggestions to vary with familiar office items. In the case of too lazy to choose clothes or have ideas, she wears the safest set of clothes that is the best for the workplace, which is the whole set of vests. The vest along with the skirt is always an outfit that scores 10 in terms of politeness, a bold breath of an office lady, and almost no minus points. This outfit is only a bit inconvenient if worn in hot weather. Because of that, she should prioritize choosing this set for cool-climate days, especially on days with important events.

Continuing to be an interesting suggestion for lazy girls. Instead of trying to match the color of the items she owns, she can completely wear a single color set when she goes to work. This is not boring, but on the contrary, the monochrome set will make her look more impressive and stylish than when wearing normal clothes. MARC’s suggestion is that she should choose either white or black, these two basic colors are impressive enough in the office environment.

The pencil skirt is effective but does not always make the wearer feel comfortable, especially when moving, so MARC suggests that sometimes she should try switching to the midi skirt. The way the shirt and skirt are combined makes her fashion style somewhat feminine, especially this outfit is the ideal choice for the ladies. Girls who are not confident with their feet can also choose this method to conceal leg defects. 

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